10.2017 "Wrestling with the Algorithm" interview, Radio RaBe (link, swiss german, 6')
08.2017 Interview, Art + Music + Technology podcast, E. 187 (english, 40')
04.2016 Irritationen 2 radio feature at Radio RaBe (link, swiss german, 10')
11.2014 centrozoon podcast interview at, (link, english, 46')
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01.2014 Kola interview at Un Lugar en el Tiempo (link, spanish)
                (original english version here)
07.2013 Tönstör interview at Journal B (read/watch here, german, 5')
08.2012 centrozoon "Boner" round table discussion with
                Bernhard Wöstheinrich, Lee Fletcher, Erik Emil Eskildsen
                and Tobias Reber on DEGEM webradio (listen here, english, 55')
06.2012 centrozoon "Boner" interview with Bernhard and Tobias at
                Music Street Journal (link, english)
11.2011 centrozoon "WWTY-Tour" interview at (link, english)
11.2011 REBEN feature portrait on Radio DRS (listen here, german, 20')
02.2011 Backup Aura interview at (link, english)
08.2010 Backup Aura interview on DEGEM Webradio
                (listen here, german, 65')
06.2010 Backup Aura promotional interview, Tobias interviewed by
                Markus Reuter (listen here, english, 40')



Markus Reuter feat. SONAR and Tobias Reber - Falling for Ascension

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pulp.noir - Silly Works


Hampl Reber Reuter Calabrese - Exedra

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centrozoon - The Room of Plenty

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pulp.noir - Brazil remix


pulp.noir - Beam me up


pulp.noir - Clockwork Orange remix


pulp.noir - Signal to Noise


Irritationen (educational project)

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Tobias Reber - Kola

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Tönstör Laptop Ensemble - Season 1 "Sprachlos" (educational project)

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Untight - Live at Theaterkapelle

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Tobias Reber - Backup Aura

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centrozoon - Lovefield

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