Selected essays, observations, manifestos, rants, self help, interviews with friends and guest posts by fellow artists.

Not including 500+ Composition Exercises, all of which can be found here.


A few thoughts on having a practice

Unfixed Polyrhythm

Three years of Composition Exercises


Sound Walks: On listening and shared silence

What I'm learning from learning to juggle

Von Erstbesteigungen und Uraufführungen
(Editorial, Swiss Chamber Music Festival 2018)

Das WhatsApp-Ensemble
(in: Share - Medientechnologie und Kulturvermittlung, Sabine Himmelsbach und Shusha Niederberger, Eds., Christoph Merian Verlag, Basel 2017)

Musical flow machines

Generous and generative

On writing 100 Composition Exercises

Where I'm coming from (...among other places)

On depth and breadth in how I listen to music

Beautiful forms that exist briefly (U.K. Le Guin quote)


Setting a reminder is an act of composition


Notes for the current and future expeditions

Kolapse Interviews
9 - The Redundant Rocker interview by Tamara Lyn
8 - Erik Emil Eskildsen feat. Stormtrap Asifeh interview by Aliensporebomb
7 - Chris Herb interview by Cha Blasco
6 - Ritxi Ostáriz interview by Cedric Theys
5 - Guy Birkin interview by Spingere
4 - Drescher und Wemmser interview by Kathy Melaas
3 - Lärmheim interview by Cedric Theys
2 - Kryshe interview by Arne Bense
1 - Mathon interview by Juan Dahmen

Unbroken Things

Moving to the pulse of impossible bodies



Back to work

I give you a tool

Shedding the Question

The atom of meaning is the phrase

Slide Guitar

Reanimate it!

On Working Enough

Bad Reviews

Interview: Lärmheim on "Cents Soleils"

Seeing the Paper


Instant Satie

Listening to Björk's "Stonemilker"


Interview: Bernhard Wöstheinrich on "The Precious Herd"

Todmorden 513
3 - The Recording Session
2 - The score & a word from Thomas
1 - Rehearsals

Five Max Questions for
Cathy van Eck
Ben Carey
Joana Aderi


Accelerated Composition

Ten guest posts on computers and live performance
10 - Leo Hofmann - Two performances
9 - Alex McLean - Music (and live coding) as activity
8 - Marcel Zaes - Creating technical media music within a digitized world
7 - Andi Otto: Fello
6 - Jeff Swearengin - Improvising (with) the setup
5 - Samuel Gfeller: Designing live electronic instruments for improvisation
4 - Markus Reuter - Making the computer vibrate
3 - Adrian Benavides - Performance enhancement
2 - Ben Carey - _derivations
1 - Erik Schoster: Music without Music


Everything old was once new

The Gardening Metaphor

Visiting Max Neuhaus' Suspended Sound Line

Creating centrozoon's "Boner" album


A hundred quirky legs - for a grounded utopism in digital music (MA thesis)


Metamorphiction - Jeff Noon's "Needle in the Groove" in the context of digital media production (BA thesis)