Composing with Max

An online class on the technique and principles algorithmic composition using the Max programming environment.

Dates: Mondays 8-10pm CET/CEST

Introductory modules (8 weeks x 2 hours) are offered from time to time.

Write to tobias at tobiasreber dot com to get on the waiting list or visit the ongoing group, or simply subscribe to the biweekly newsletter to be informed about upcoming classes.

The first visit is free, after that it's 20+ CHF per week. Individual pricing optional if, like me, you've lost significant income due to the pandemic.


My teaching is centered around making these tools and ideas available to a broad audience of musicians, regardless of musical genres. The focus of the class is on musical decision-making and learning just the necessary skills to keep the learning curve manageable, rather than on mastering as much technique as we can before we get to the heart of things: the music.

Composing with Max students have joined from 15+ countries. Prior experience ranges from relative beginner to professional artists, all of whom work together in a spirit of shared comraderie.

Video excerpt
from the Introduction module, Week 4.


"I can already realize more in Max than I ever could (although I tried to get into the topic again and again) - so: keep it up!"

- a Cohort 1 student after Sesson 2

"Although I've taken Max classes in the past both online and in person at university, the course you are offering has been the most exciting to me, just because I can get a glimpse of how an artist/composer such as yourself uses Max."

- a Cohort 1 student after Session 3

"Tobias' teaching has provided a wealth of directions to explore in the limitless environment that is MaxMSP. I already had a decent understanding of synthesis and sound design from years of working in DAWs, and tutorials on these topics in Max are readily available online. What is not so obvious is where to find a starting point for thinking in more of a generative / algorithmic composition way. Tobias' lessons are ideal for anyone looking for an accessible way into using it as a compositional tool, building an understanding of some foundational techniques and recombining them in different ways, to get increasingly intriguing results."

- a Cohort 1 student after finishing the Introductory and further course modules.