composition for "5hoch2", an interactive installation by Kaspar Hochuli, 2010

In Kaspar Hochuli's "5hoch2", exhibition visitors can place up to six coloured cubes on a 5x5 grid to interact with a set of algorithms (the composition) that create an ever shifting soundscape.

My composition for "5hoch2" uses as it's main sound source the same laptop noise sample that was used in the sound installation Glow (2009) and on "We wonder" (2010), the last piece on the Backup Aura CD. Each of the six cubes represents one instance of the sound.

Influencing factors of the resulting music are the number of cubes on the board, their colour, their position on the grid and their distances relative to each other, and the time between moves/changes made by a visitor.


19.03.2010 Museumsnacht 2010, Bern, Switzerland
29.01.2010 - 27.02.2010 Substitut, Transmediale 2010, Berlin, Germany

with compositions by Kaspar Hochuli, Joachim Budweiser, Tobias Reber