"Oh no, I really like the sound of your voice in the background
of my thoughts"

light, sound and environmental installation, 2009

David Muther, Daniel Werder, Tobias Reber:
interactive sound installation

Garrett Nelson, Mohéna Kühni, Sarah Bernauer:
light and environmental installation


26.09.2009 - 04.10.2009 Singuhr Hörgalerie,
Grosser Wasserspeicher am Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin, Germany

exhibition handout (pdf) (german)

documentary video by heike gallmeier

Description: the sound installation

The former water reservoir Grosser Wasserspeicher at Prenzlauer Berg in Berlin is nowadays used as a sound art space run and curated by Singuhr Hörgalerie. It has a cyclic architectural structure consisting of four hallways and an outer circle made up of smaller rooms (see ground plan below). The sound installation is based on the arithmetical properties of the strucuture and makes use of the massive natural reverberation of the ring chambers.

There are three different layers of sound production:

1) The voices of the six artists counting up or down from 1 to 34 in swiss german are distributed stochastically among eight speakers at various places within all circles. The numbers correspond to the 34 chambers in the outer ring.

2) Four microphones, one per ring, pick up loud sounds and freeze them for even longer than the reverberation lasts, blurring the boundaries between artificial and natural sound. They may also pick up a counting voice played by a nearby speaker.

3) From time to time, a synthetic tone row is distributed stochastically among the eight speakers, contrasting the otherwise organic sound and visual environment. The underlying microtonal scale is a division of two octaves by 34.

The acoustic perception is determined by the listener's position within it; namely by the filtering and masking effects of the labyrinthine structure and the quickly varying distance between the listener and the sound sources.