sound installation, 2008

audio game for one player, gamepad and 4.1 surround system


In Irrlichtung you have to find your way around an invisible labyrinth - by ear.

You are here:
You are standing in the entrance hall of an invisible labyrinth consisting of a grid of 10 x 10 rooms. A diagram shows you where exactly you are, but nothing more.

Irrlichtung handout

Your mission:
You hear faint bells playing a melody that's beckoning you from inside the labyrinth, and you want to get to the source of it. Try to move in the direction from which you hear it. As you get closer to the source of the melody you'll hear it louder, clearer and faster.

Your tools:
You have an explorers kit (game pad) with which you can do two things:
1) move forward, backward, to the left and to the right. One step in a direction gets you to the next room.
2) It also contains an acoustic torch.

You can shine the sound torch in any of the four directions. If it reverberates you're facing a corridor and you can choose to go in that direction. If it doesn't reverberate, you're facing a wall. Do not bump into walls. Based on this crude echolocation your chose your moves.

Walls: You can't move through them.

Your adversary:
The Minotaur is out to get you. If you bump into a wall he'll hear it and he'll approach. The third time you bump into a wall he'll get you. Game over.

Throughout the labyrinth there are rooms containing musical goodies (G). Picking them up by entering that room will add another rhythmical or melodic element to your acoustic environment.

When you find the melody (Goal 1), your acoustic environment will change, and another one (Goal 2) will start playing from far away in another corner of the labyrinth. After that, a third one (Goal 3) will play. Find this one to unlock the final parts of the composition, and hear it play out by itself.

Map of the labyrinth and all it contains (not available to the player):

Irrlichtung scheme

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