site-specific sound installation, 2008

generative composition for 2 x 2 channel sound and ambient noise

The exhibition takes place in the cellar of an old mill. The streamlet that powered the now defunct water wheel is directly outside, filling the rooms with moisture and thunderous noise. "bachab", literally meaning "down the river" but also figuratively "down the tube", temporarily places an acoustic water wheel in the room opposite the rivulet. Noisy drone textures weave in and out of the waterfall sound wall. Parading on top of that, five sound clusters form the buckets on an imaginary wheel, surface through the waterfall noise in one end of the room and slowly glide to the other side. At any time, two to three of these clusters are audible in various stages of this journey before disappearing at the end, only to reappear on the opposite side a short while later.


25.04.2008 - 12.05.2008 moder art, group exhibition at Alte Mühle, Hofen, Switzerland

Binaural documentary recording: best enjoyed on headphones.
The recording shows the perspective of a visitor entering the space, sitting down facing the wall visible in the picture on the lower right side so the sounds appear to the right and travel towards the left, then leaving again after three cycles.

photo credits: Tobias Reber (1), Selina Reber (2,3,4)